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Have you ever wondered what the history of rosé wines is? Well, Europeans have been making and enjoying the mix for thousands of years. Until the late 18th century, social media began to love rosé and all the different flavors It has because it started in Europe and now is in the US. We know that Rosé is not going anywhere for a long time. In this blog post, we will explore the history of Rosé wines and why they became so popular amongst the younger generations.

Where Does Rosé Come From?

The history of Rosé dates back centuries, with origins in France, particularly in the Provence region. In the early 20th century, Rosé gained immense popularity in the United States, often associated with moments of relaxation and enjoyment. osé wine is known for its versatility, making it a favorite among enthusiasts. Whether it’s a still, sparkling, sweet, or dry rosé, there’s a variety to suit every palate. 

Popularity Of Rosé In The United States

National Rosé Day, approved by the National Day Calendar in 2014, was celebrated and talked about online by consumers and celebrities. Americans learned about rosés from around the globe, thanks to social media. There are so many kinds of rosé now people look to influencers and experienced people for rose recommendations.

Ways To Enjoy Rosé Day In The United States

Many celebrations go on in the United States during Rosé Day. You could go to a wine tasting. At a winery or wine bar, you can explore the different rosé varieties and create a note on your phone to mark down which wines you like best. Rosé varies from light and crisp to fruity and bold, so finding which one you like will help narrow your options. Another great way to celebrate is to have an outdoor picnic. Grab a cooler with ice trays to enjoy a chilled rosé, and bring your favorite fruits, cheeses, and meats. You can watch the sunset to unwind and relax with a lovely glass of wine.

Celebrate Rosé Day LA

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